Portrait Study

Just a portrait study I did for practice.

Selfie Wall

Brain: What if we create a wall where people can make their selfies better looking?
Me: Lets do it, dude.

Welcome Autumn

Drop the Bomb

The Scaaaref

Slowly but surely

Verdura is back! Yes sir (and ladys). After a long time concentrate 100% on my “other” job, I realized and decided it was time to re-immerse myself in the world of vegetables. Soon more news, new designs, t shirts and more will come :)

Everybody needs to go

Yep, it’s true. Everybody needs to go, even the cartoons. We know they won’t show it, but it’s a fact: at some point of the day they need to go to the toilette. And this series wants to prove it!

Grab your toilet paper and enjoy it :)







See the full Project!

“Baby Style” in Paris by Condensed Kids

The awesome people from “Atelier 130” asked me if I wanted to participate with my Rockstars Babies in their event: “Condensed Kids” and I said yes, of course!

From 10 to 23 February 2014, Atelier 130 offers “Condensed Kids” at the Espace Beaurepaire, Paris. Focusing on design, visual arts, fashion and publishing.

A hybrid format between exhibition, showroom and pop up store. 130 Workshops proposes a new device, designed for children to play and awakening to art, and surprising enough to arouse the curiosity of the parents.

You will be able to discover more shopping section with different world class artists (photography, illustration, installation and contemporary art).

Here are some pics from the exhibition:

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