Everybody needs to go

Yep, it’s true. Everybody needs to go, even the cartoons. We know they won’t show it, but it’s a fact: at some point of the day they need to go to the toilette. And this series wants to prove it!

Grab your toilet paper and enjoy it :)







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“Make it Famous” for DDB° Sidney

My good friends from DDB° Sydney, called me again and invited me to be part of a brand new project: “Make it Famous”.
They wanted to invite future advertising grads, to apply to a job in the agency. So, they invited the best art directors/illustrators in the world to select an obsolete object and make it famous.

“Do you think you could make a rock famous? How about a pen lid, or some tumble dryer lint? At DDB, we believe in finding a truth in every product and then revealing it in the most unique and creative way possible. We’re looking for people who have the passion, talent and creativity to do the same.”

I picked the ROCK, of course haha, and this is what I did:

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Baby Style

Have you ever wonder how were Rock Stars when were babies? If they behaved like normal kids or from an early age showed their incredible talent?.

In this series we will see them before reach fame, even before could talk! Just doing what they love most.





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Signs of the Always Tired – DDBÂș Remedy Sydney

In early January 2013 DDBÂș Sydney asked me to illustrate this beautiful campaign for a vitamin complex! After a month of hardwork this was the final result. Hope you like it!

Agency: DDB Remedy – Sydney.
Client: Ferro-Grad.

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